New Feature: Collaborate and Follow

Chloe Forsman 12 October 2021

We are excited to launch two new features on the Enspirement platform that will further connect our global community, enabling educators and parents to inspire each other and develop environmental design ideas in a collaborative space. 

Kellert & Calabrese identify that conserving and maintaining our environments requires a deep level of attachment, affection, and contribution. At Enspirement, we believe that to reach the highest levels of engagement and learning, children need to contribute to their environment in a meaningful way. The result being attachment and connection that achieves and sustains The Potential Place.

“Emotion is the foundation of learning and must be the cornerstone of design for early childhood environments” Sandra Duncan EdD

With these two significant additions, we believe we can inspire educators and parents to transform the early years’ experience through meaningful environmental design, defending the wonder of childhood on a global scale.

1. Collaborate

Invite your friends or colleagues to join Enspirement so you can collaborate on lookbooks that inspire the planning and transformation of your early year’s spaces through meaningful environmental design.

  • Share ideas to align your vision and inspire each other.
  • Continue to evolve your pedagogy, putting into practice the theoretical knowledge that you learn as a team.
  • Analyse environments to inspire engagement.
  • Build wishlists and resourcing budgets based on succinct ideas to ensure you get the most from your purchases.

Collaborate on Lookbooks with friends and colleagues to inspire each other and align your pedagogy.

2. Follow

Don’t miss the opportunity to be inspired by like-minded educators and parents. 

  • Follow lookbooks from our global educators and thought leaders, who share their creativity, knowledge, and ideas to better the lives of children.
  • Keep up to date with industry-leading best practices.
  • Save these ideas to your Lookbooks and build inspiration that aligns with your pedagogy.

When you find Lookbooks that inspire you and align with your practice, click FOLLOW. You will see these saved within your ‘My Lookbooks’ tab with a ‘FOLLOWING’ banner.

Ready to get started? Head over to Enspirement and learn how easy it is to collaborate and follow.


The Practice of Biophilic Design, Stephen R. Kellert, Elizabeth F. Calabrese