We’re here to help you transform early years' experiences through emotion-focused environmental design, defending the wonder of childhood.

When women from across the globe combined their passion and drive for better early childhood learning experiences, something incredible happened.

Bound by the belief that emotion-focused environmental design unlocks and nurtures children’s knowledge and potential, they set out to empower educators and parents.

Their dream? The first digital platform dedicated to early years environmental design. An online destination bursting with inspirational imagery, quality content, research and trends, best practices, learning, and thought leadership.

A place where educators and parents share their creativity, knowledge, and ideas to better the lives of children globally.

A professional development hub, with bite-sized, expert information and creative insight, that makes it easy and exciting to put early years theory into practice.

And it had to be beautiful, creative, and fun. 

And it is. 

Welcome to Enspirement.

With us, you can:

  • Transform the early childhood education experience through emotion-focused environmental design and practice, defining The Potential Place for children. 
  • Browse, save, and share up-to-date visual and written content in a beautiful online space.
  • Discover and source resources to help you create environments that engage children aged 0-6 and promote discovery, learning, and growth.
  • Connect to peers and colleagues worldwide, learn and be inspired by the diverse practice from different regions and cultures, and share and showcase what works for you.
  • Dive deep into your own learning and advance your professional development with useful, engaging insights from experts, thought leaders, and academics.
  • Gain tailored support and knowledge from a passionate pool of experts available for face-to-face mentoring.
  • Access how-to guides and best practices for using sustainable and recyclable materials, as well as resources from our high-quality product partners.
  • Join us in putting children and educators first, giving back to our communities, and shaping exceptionally beautiful spaces for future generations of learners.

Your success is our success, and we can't wait to see what you do!


Meet our founders

Michelle Pratt

As an EY Entrepreneur of the Year finalist, Michelle has been involved in eight successful start-ups, with 30+ years of ECE experience with a focus on environmental design.

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Chloe Forsman

ECE environment and architectural designer, Chloe has led the design team for multiple award-winning environments for children aged 0-6.

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Angela Foley BEM

Recognised By HM Queen Elizabeth for her service to children, families and education, Angela has dedicated 40+ years in Early Childhood Education in the UK, AU, and NZ.

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