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Wheels on the Bus Pre-Cut Felt

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Discovery 36 months - 6 years 6+ years Communication Music Understanding the World

Ride your way through town singing this favourite tune. See how many new verses you can think of! This set supports the following areas of learning:

  • Visual: Sight, spatial perception, and colour recognition
  • Tactile: Involves the senses – textures, sounds, colours, shapes
  • Fine Motor: Hand-eye coordination and manipulation
  • Auditory: Listening and hearing
  • Intellectual: Cause and effect, problem-solving, math skills of counting, matching, sorting, and memorisation
  • Social-Emotional: Self-esteem, exploring relationships, and cultural diversity
  • Creativity: Imagination, make-believe, music, and drama
  • Life Skills: Health and hygiene, manners, relationships, cooperation, sharing, and dressing appropriately
  • Language: Speaking and listening, vocabulary and reading skills

Recommended age three years +.