Tree Blocks

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Block Play Dramatic Play Discovery 18 - 36 months 36 months - 6 years Communication Imagination Fine Motor Cooperative Play Individual Play Understanding the World

Magic Wood play blocks made from reclaimed beech and hazelnut branches with the bark intact. Includes larger flat pieces, shorter cylindrical sections, and a 'Y' cut. Children will enjoy the natural texture of the bark and will find endless uses for these blocks in their imaginative play. Sanded and oiled for durability and packed in a durable cotton bag. Create fairy homes, hideaways, building towers, while early math and metric skills! Since the blocks are cut from nature, every set is unique, but each set includes cylinders, planks, two flat wall pieces with a window and a door, and at least one "Y" piece. Includes an attractive sturdy canvas bag for storage. 22 Pieces. 1cm to 22 cm long. Material FSC-certified mixed woods from sustainable forests white beech alder and hazel wood. 100% natural and non-toxic. Bark may come loose and pose choking hazard for children so supervision required for Under 3s. Recommended Age 3yrs


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