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Placote Games - The Case of the Missing Carrots

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Discovery 36 months - 6 years Communication Cooperative Play Understanding the World

Objective : “Why?” Questions Something’s not right: the carrots have disappeared from the vegetable garden. Let’s find out why! Put on your detective’s hat and head to the garden to find the culprit. Get ready: You’ll have to answer plenty of questions along the way. The Case of the Missing Carrots is designed to help children aged 3 to 5½ develop their understanding of "why" questions. Players use illustrated question-and-answer cards to self-check their answers, making learning a snap! Game board made up of 7 puzzle pieces. 70 Why question-and-answer cards. 14 Culprit cards. 4 Detective tokens. 1 die. Instructional Guide. Rule sheet. Recommended ages 3