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Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly Pre-Cut Felt


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Discovery 36 months - 6 years 6+ years Communication Cooperative Play Understanding the World

Children love to hear what she will eat next! This favourite classic includes a pocket mouth so children can have fun “feeding” this old lady, spiders, goats, and even a horse! Includes a four-page guide with alternate endings. This set supports the following areas of learning:

  • Visual: Sight, spatial perception, and colour recognition
  • Tactile: Involves the senses – textures, sounds, colours, shapes
  • Fine Motor: Hand-eye coordination and manipulation
  • Auditory: Listening and hearing
  • Intellectual: Cause and effect, problem-solving, math skills of counting, matching, sorting, and memorisation
  • Social-Emotional: Self-esteem, exploring relationships, and cultural diversity
  • Creativity: Imagination, make-believe, music, and drama
  • Life Skills: Health and hygiene, manners, relationships, cooperation, sharing, and dressing appropriately
  • Language: Speaking and listening, vocabulary and reading skills

Recommended age three years +.