Magnetic Wands & Chips Bundle


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18 - 36 months 36 months - 6 years 6+ years Communication Mathematics Fine Motor Understanding the World Home Based

Discover magnetic attraction! Rainbow-coloured wands, enable children to have explore magnetism activities and encourages curiosity about physical science. These Magnetic Wands teach young children about the physical world and can be used for hands-on experiments to demonstrate the principles of attraction. Combined with the metal counting chips, though not magnetic themselves, these colourful transparent discs have a thin metal band around the outside, making them attract to any magnet and can be easily picked up, encouraging children to use their fine motor skills and knowledge of magnets. Ideal for counting, sorting and experimenting with light and magnetism. Magnetic Wands Set of 6 - 8" long, making them easy for young children to hold. Set of 100 Counting Chips . Idea: Use them on a light box to create beautiful patterns and shapes