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Home-made weaving frame

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Expressive Arts Discovery 36 months - 6 years 6+ years Communication Sustainability Nature Imagination Fine Motor Individual Play

Weaving is a fun activity that helps to develop your child’s fine motor skills. Although we have some great weaving frames available in our store, it does not necessarily require any purchased resources. Try making your weaving frame using string and a piece off cardboard recycled from packaging, incorporating some treasures found on a nature walk. There you have it - a free activity that promotes sustainability and teaches children to think resourcefully. 🌸💐🌺 Weaving helps to develop: 1️⃣Hand-eye coordination and concentration. 2️⃣Problem-solving skills. 3️⃣Understanding patterns and sequencing supports literacy and numeracy development in later education. 4️⃣Language development when discussions are had alongside the weaving process. Try naming colours and using language such as - in, out, up, down, etc. 5️⃣Using natural materials connects children with the natural environment and promotes a love of or care for it later in life 6️⃣Weaving is a relaxing and calming activity where children can develop and express their creative ideas. 7️⃣Using natural materials and a homemade frame promotes sustainability and the recycling and reusing of materials. 🌸💐🌺 Image 1 - Cardboard and string weaving frame, source unknown | Image 2 - Cardboard weaving frame via Francesca Ellis  |  Image 3 - Using a bicycling wheel as a weaving frame via Carlene's Cubby House, Australia | Image 4 - Wooden or stick weaving frame with string, source unknown.... more

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