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Thrill , Awe , Power

Exploring Light & Shadow 🌈🌈

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Dramatic Play Discovery 18 - 36 months 36 months - 6 years 6+ years Communication Technology Nature Sensory Development Imagination Fine Motor Understanding the World

Light play at Early Bird and Night Owl Childcare ✨❤️ Every time light is provided as an invitation or provocation children are utterly mesmerised. Using the torches they looked at the sizes and positions of the animals and worked out how to make the shadows change size. They then noticed the rainbow light the CD produced when the light was shining. One of the children noticed the shadow on the door with his torch, so we put up a white sheet to explore further! The children said, "it looks like the animals are moving". So we experimented with going faster and slower with the torches! So much awe and wonder with an amazing incredible loose part.... more

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