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Understanding working theories

Daniel Lovatt 26 May 2022

Working theories are a way in which children draw on and apply ideas and understandings accumulated from their personal and social experiences in order to make sense of their world. This concept of working theories celebrates children's unique ways of thinking and inquiring.

This webinar presented by Daniel Lovatt will draw on his doctoral research, using a sociocultural perspective, to give a deeper understanding of how children develop working theories, and give practical guidance on how to support, extend, and foster complexity in children's development.

Understanding working theories will provide a framework for educators to understand the concept in greater depth and develop strategies and techniques that can be adapted to suit their context and their children.

When: 29th June at 7.30-8.30pm NZST
Running time: approx. 60 minutes
$35 per person
Presented by Daniel Lovatt.
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