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Inclusive Practice

Bridgit Williams of InspirED ECE 26 May 2022
An inclusive service provides a physical and relational environment that invites, acknowledges, and celebrates diversity. This is irrespective of ability, gender, health needs, diverse family types, ethnicity, culture or socioeconomic positon. Inclusive services create a culture that ensures all children can be actively involved in meaningful play and learning with and alongside their peers. This includes providing additional support or removing barriers when required.
This webinar will empower educators to explore their existing attitudes and use the skills and knowledge they already have to determine when and how to provide additional support and how to remove barriers to promote participation and learning for all children.
When: 8th June 2022 at 7.30-8.45pm NZST
Running time: approx. 75 minutes
$35 per person
Presented by Bridgit Williams of InspirED ECE.
Brought to you by ECE Learning Unlimited.
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